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You know it's bad when the most romantic thing you can manage to do for your husband for Valentine's Day is update the family website. Nonetheless, our desire to get all our photos organized and in one place has been something we've both wanted to work on. So, I spent the past couple of weeks uploading almost 600 photos to, and organizing, dating, describing and tagging all of them. Phew. So, aside from not being able to integrate into our current website's look and feel, I really like the service, and I think they'll be upgrading a lot. I really like that I can order photo books, back-up CDs, prints, etc. right off the website. Of course, now to login to our photos, you have to have a Flickr ID, and we have to add you to our Flickr contact list. If you already have a Yahoo ID, you can use it to sign into, or you can sign up for one. Let us know your ID, so we can add you to our contact list. Then you can see all our photos! Yeah!

I had my first appointment with the mid-wife last week. She was great, and I really think they'll be supportive of my wishes, etc. That is assuming Darren doesn't get a job and we end up moving soon. It's a stressful place to be in… wanting to move to have a better quality of life (more time & money), but wanting community and stability during my pregnancy. Story of my life, I guess…

Anyway, everything seems to be going well with the pregnancy. I had a quick ultrasound in the office, mainly to assure myself that there is just ONE baby in there. I know so many people love the idea of twins, but I'm happy with a singleton. Because of my recent tummy troubles, I just wanted to make sure everything was on track. So, we're good to go… one baby… phew…

We don't have any exciting Valentine's Day plans. However, due to the weather, overtime has been cancelled and Darren won't be working. So, a little less money, but a whole day together is a nice treat. I'd better get some sleep… The kids will be up early to check out what the Valentine's Fairy brought them… She always brings them a little trinket or note… what a thoughtful fairy!

Sending loving vibes your way… Happy Valentine's Day!

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