Playroom Makeover

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Playroom Before
After Pic of Playroom

I decided to make it a "stay at home" day today, as we've been doing a lot of activities and running around lately. As a result, housework has gotten somewhat neglected. Today's big project was cleaning the playroom. It tends to go in cycles where it stays clean for a long time, but then we'll host playgroup at our house or have a few friends over for the day, and EVERYTHING gets dumped out on the floor, and nobody has the energy or focus to sit down and start sorting all the little pieces of things into the proper places.

Thus, it gets ignored for awhile, until I finally get so frustrated with looking at it. Then, I get the kids to come in and help me, by breaking it down into manageable tasks for them. It can be overwhelming just to say "go clean the playroom." They dont' know where to start. So, it was mostly Flo and I who spent almost three hours on this exhausting project, while Joe came and went, offering his suggestions and playing amongst our progress. Nonetheless, I'm so happy to have it done. PHEW! Let's see how long it stays this way!

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  1. Toni

    oh my goodness. I thought I was the only one who had a room like that from time to time. The pictures have inspired me I am going to get the kids in there today

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