Fourteen Years

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Well, Darren and I have made it through fourteen years of marriage as of April 20. And the upside is, we actually still like each other… maybe even more than when we started out. So, that's good.

We decided to spend our anniversary weekend taking a little trip with the kids to Kingston, Ontario, to visit Darren's sister and her family. We had great weather, and nice drives both there and back. We really enjoyed walking around downtown Kingston, which is a trendy little university type town right on Lake Ontario. On our way home, we stopped a lot, letting the kids out to run a bit. We stopped for snacks at a cute little natural foods store, called Syracuse Real Food Co-op, in Syracuse, New York, which we had mapped out and also stopped at on the way up. It's a small little store in a mainly residential, university part of town, but they have a great selection of stuff, and we enjoyed browsing around and grabbing a snack or two for the road. And thankfully, they had a public restroom, as my pregnant self could barely make two hours without having to stop. But, their restroom has to be the tiniest one I've ever seen. My belly was just about touching the sink in order to get to the toilet. Nonetheless, it served its purpose, and we were grateful it was available.

We got home around 7pm last night, and though we enjoyed our trip a lot, we were happy to be home. Today, Darren had to go get his routine cholesterol blood test, Joe had Little Gym class, and Flo had piano lessons. We stopped at our friends house near piano lessons for a couple hours to let the kids play and to chat, and then we headed home to make dinner and relax a bit. Darren's back to work tomorrow, and has to do four fourteen or so hour days in a row, as he switched his normal Wednesday off, for today, in case we needed it for our trip. So, I suspect it will feel like a long week, but we'll get through.

Off to update our pictures on Flickr from the trip… and then off to bed, as we have a field trip in Frederick tomorrow at Rose Hill Manor.

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