The Countdown is On!

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Wow… 37 weeks today! According to my midwives, that's officially full-term. That means if I went into labor at anytime, they would consider it a normal, full-term pregnancy. Yikes! However, if I go according to my past two pregnancies, baby #3 won't be arriving until later in the month. Anytime will be fine, because you're never really ready for a baby… you just get ready when you have to. Darren's been working tons of overtime, figuring he might as well get it in now, before the baby comes and he takes a little time off. It's also helping to fund our bathroom tiling projects, which are close to completion. Nonetheless, we're as busy as usual, trying to get more done in an allotted period of time than is ever possible.

We had a mattress delivered for the baby's room today. The delivery people always give you a window of time in which they plan to deliver. Of course, ours was between 8 and 9am… so much for sleeping in. And Darren's working, so I couldn't nudge him to get up and let them in. Nonetheless, the mattress arrived without incident. We thought a good mattress would be a better long-term investment than a fancy crib, considering neither of our kids slept in a crib very much, and we do have a used crib my mom picked up for us at a consignment shop. So, aside from maybe finding a changing table, I think we're all set.

Flo's going to her friend, Dara's, birthday party today at the The Little Gym this afternoon, so I think I will drop her off, and take advantage of having just one child in tow to do a few errands. Flo and Joe pester each other so much when we shop, that I usually leave forgetting half the things I went in to buy. I can't even imagine what trying to shop with three will be like. I think I will start making detailed lists and sending Darren out on shopping trips.

This coming Thursday is Flo's birthday. We're taking her to The Boyd's Bear Factory in Gettysburg, PA. It's about a 40 minute drive. We went there for her sixth birthday, and she's been bugging us for the last year to go again. So, it seemed like a less stressful option than planning a birthday party. We will have playgroup at our house the next day, so I'll make some cupcakes and draw out the birthday festivities a little longer. I think she'll have a good time.

Flo and Joe are both obsessed with this Webkins stuff. They are little stuffed animals that come with codes so you can register them on the website. The website has games and rooms you can design for your animal. I do suppose there some benefit, as it has certainly required Flo to read a lot, but it drives me a little nuts at times. But, at the moment, it's entertaining them, so I'll just be thankful for a little quiet time.

Well, off to try to accomplish some cleaning… have a good weekend!

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