September 2007 Homeschool Adventures

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We're officially into the new "school year" now. The kids schedules are jam packed with activities, and once again my Outlook calendar is the only way I can keep track of what we're doing every day. We've tried to reserve a couple days per week as stay-at-home days to ensure we have time to do a little "structured" learning, but we're finding that learning takes place whether we plan it or not. Flo continues with Spanish, piano, yoga and gym classes. She also took a creative writing class at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts last weekend, with author and poet Hope Maxwell-Snyder. And Joe is also taking an art class at the museum, which he seems to really be enjoying. I was a little worried about his attention span, but he seems very focused and has suddenly taken quite an interest in drawing and doodling.

A new homeschool co-op, called the Smithsburg Area Learning Time Co-op, started up this month, too, and we decided to give it a try. I think it will be a good fit for us, as they meet bi-weekly and will be offering various classes an activities based on the interests and talents for the members. It was a little challenging taking a new baby and trying to keep Joe from being a pest, but I got lots of help from other moms. I'll just have to make sure I bring more stuff to keep Joe entertained for a few hours next time, although I do see improvements in his behavior as he gets older. He's not QUITE as challenging, and he's a great big brother. He just loves Zofia, and can't give her enough kisses.

Amongst this month's various activities included going to an early readers group, where Flo read a little book called "Bob & Shirley" about two Maine lobsters. Flo started yoga class again with the instructor she had last year, and though she's only one of two kids in the class, she enjoys the sessions.

Towards the end of the month, we went to a tie-dye session at a fellow homeschooler's house in Frederick, and made a few tie-dye creations. This inspired us to try it again at home a couple days later. That was lots of fun!

We also visited a pig sanctuary in Shepherdstown, WV, for their Harvest Fest. Flo brought her friend, Megan, and we spent a couple hours visiting the pigs, getting faces painted and making a scarecrow.

Overall, it was a good month, and we're adjusting well to being a family of five, rather than four, now. I'm excited about the upcoming year and have lots of ideas, and the typical lack of time to follow through on all of them. But, we're enjoying our homeschooling experience and I'm enjoying watching the kids become more of themselves!

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