Happy Birthday to Me!

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Well, Alex’s visit has come and gone already. He and Darren had a great time, and the kids and I tagged along for a couple day trips to DC and Baltimore, too. The time went by so quickly. Darren’s brother, Darrell, and his family are here today, and will be heading back to Ontario in the morning. So, tomorrow is back to the routine… Darren has to go “back to work,” which is really just in the office off the kitchen. Nonetheless, it will be an effort to get up early. Flo has an ice skating lesson tomorrow, a skating party afterwards, and a sleepover with a friend planned, so another busy day awaits…

Today is actually my 35th birthday. Hard to believe. I think the fact that time seems to be going by so quickly is definitely a marker of middle age. I’m not quite ready for a mid-life crisis yet, but I’ll contemplate how that can manifest itself. The possibilities are endless!

We had a nice day visiting with Darren’s brother and family, and I took Flo to an event at the library with the author of the American Girl books. Then we went to the Chinese buffet down the street for dinner. It didn't particularly agree with me, so I'm rolling into my 35th year with a bit of a tummy ache. Oh well… hopefully nothing a good night's sleep won't alleviate. Overall, it was a good day, but I’m so tired, and looking forward to a lull in our schedule over the next couple of weeks.

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