We Have Lift Off!

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Zofia is officially crawling now and has started trying to pull herself up when she's in the crib. So, now we enter that tedious stage in which we have to be vigilant and constantly on guard, and she has to be determined and persistent in her journey towards upright mobility. I guess the baby gates come out this week! She also reached another milestone in her seventh month with a tooth popping through on the bottom! What an eventful time!

Joe has a terrible sounding cough, which he unfortunately passed along to Zofia. Neither of them seem particularly fazed by it, and I hope it passes quickly. We’ve got another busy week ahead. We have a homeschooling buddy that moved away coming back for a visit, as well as, a field trip, yoga, skating lessons and homeschool co-op. And, Tuesday is Darren’s birthday. He gets to celebrate it by working at home! Thursday, we may go into DC with my mom for the Cherry Blossom festivities, although the logistics of that now, with three kids, seems somewhat daunting. So, we’ll see.

It’s hard to believe March is already over! But we’ll gladly welcome Spring!

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