Fifteen Years

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Today Darren and I celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary… or actually, elopement anniversary. Yes, fifteen years ago, we crossed the border from Canada into Maine filled with youthful enthusiasm (and naivety) about starting a new life together. After securing a marriage license a day later than anticipated, due to a state holiday, we were married by Etta, a retired justice of the peace, in her tiny apartment in Bangor, Maine. Two of her elderly friends from her retirement community served as our witnesses. We rounded out the day’s festivities with dinner at a local restaurant and a night’s accommodations at the luxurious Scottish Inn, fully equipped with shag carpet and a microwave! Ah, good times!

A lot has transpired over the past fifteen years, including living in several places, losing my father, finishing a few college degrees, a few sessions with a therapist, a lot of laughs and of course, three wonderful children. I think that aside from parenting, our marriage has been one of our greatest sources of personal growth, and I’m sure it will continue to present new lessons. I’m just happy to be here to learn them!

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