Happy Birthday Zofia!

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Zofia turned one today! It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since I woke up in the early morning in labor, and rushed to the hospital just in time to have her a few minutes later. She’s been such a joy. I’m not sure whether it’s her disposition or just my experience as a mom, but even though there have been challenging moments, I feel we pretty much sailed through the year. In contrast to my last baby, Joe, whose first year nearly wiped us out with his chronic eczema and heart-damaging illness at four months, this feels like a breeze. Knock on wood, that trend will continue, so we have more quality time to spend with all three kids and really enjoy being a family of five! Flo and Joe have adjusted wonderfully to being older siblings, and I guess that’s part of the ease for me this time around; I have extra hands to help!

Zofia is on the go now. She’s been walking since a little after ten months, and now has her land legs. She’s into everything and her favorite things are raiding the Tupperware cabinet and playing with her brother’s toy hockey sticks. She’s got a devious laugh and we love to get her going with a good tickle-induced chuckle. She tags along to her sibling’s various homeschooling activities and seems to be the social type.

So, happy birthday Zofia! May you have many more filled with health and happiness! We’re so happy you chose us as parents and we look forward to all the things we’ll learn from you!

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