Heading Into the New “School” Year

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Once again an entire month has gone by with hardly a moment to sit and reflect upon it. It’s been an eventful few weeks. As summer wound down, and we started the new “school” year, we started a few new activities for the kids and kept busy toting them around, as well as, focusing on a few new academic paths for the upcoming year.

Last week, our 21 year-old niece, Samantha, came down from Ontario, Canada, for a two week visit. She took the bus down. It’s a twenty-hour ride, which is far longer than I could tolerate. But, I guess that’s what age and the prospect of traveling with three kids has done to me! Anyway, Samantha is still here, tagging along to our various activities, and getting a front seat view of our hectic, but pretty nice life. I think she’s having a good time, and the kids are enjoying visiting with their cousin, whom they couldn’t even remember, as it had been that long since we’d seen her.

Tonight, our friend, Jen, and her son, Conner, are staying for a night during a few day visit back down here to Hagerstown from New Jersey. They used to live in the neighborhood across from us, but moved away when hubby got a great job offer in NYC. So, they often come back to participate in various homeschooling activities. This evening, their car broke down just down the street, so their intentions of an early departure may have been thwarted. But, Flo and Joe are enjoying visiting with their friend, and hopefully, their car repair will be simple and timely.

So, all is well with our family. We’ve been taking lots of photos to post on Flickr. Sometimes I feel like uploading and describing photos is a part-time job. But, I think someday the kids will appreciate the memories and the photographic story of their childhood, so I keep at it.

The day’s end is drawing near, and with it goes my energy. As usual, the list of things to accomplish wasn’t quite a match with the time in which I had to accomplish them, so some items remained to be checked-off. But, that’s okay… there’s always tomorrow, and today was pretty good!

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