November 2008 Homeschool Adventures

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November was, once again, filled with activities and fun things to do. We continued our regular activities of Earth Scouts, yoga and music this month, though there was some shifting around of the schedule.

SALT (Smithsburg Area Learning Time Co-op) continued to meet, and despite always having a challenging time getting there by 10am, we continued to attend. We really enjoy the people and activities at the co-op, but I’m strongly considering taking a break over the winter to just free up some time and spend more time at home. We’ll see.

Our creative journaling club met again this month on the 14th. We played some word games and created a collaborate poem, which elicited tons of giggles from the all girl group. I’m really enjoying this group, though. Since writing is one of those things I enjoy, but rarely make time for, organizing this group gives me a chance to be creative, which is nice.

On the 22nd, we continued a semi-tradition of going down to Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary in Poolesville, Maryland, for their annual “Thanksgiving with the Turkeys” celebration potluck. This is our fourth year to attend. The weather always plays a big part in the experience. This year, it was freezing, and Zofia, being only one year-old, was all bundled up, but still it was too difficult to keep her warm for long. So, we whizzed in, visited with the turkeys for a bit, warmed up by a bonfire, then headed to the potluck tables to fill our “to go” containers. Then we sat in the car and enjoyed the scrumptious vegan goodies. Since we were halfway to DC already, we decided to head down to DC for a trip to Whole Foods and Barnes and Nobles, which are two places we frequent only occasionally, due to our propensity for spending a lot of money in both!

A couple days later, we headed up to the Capitol Theatre in Chambersburg, PA, where my mom had gotten tickets for a little production called “Babes in Toyland.” It was a holiday play, geared towards younger kids, and Flo, Joe and Zofia all sat still, thoroughly engrossed for an hour or so.

We rounded out the month by heading to our friend Sheila’s house on the 30th, to get into the holiday spirit and join in for a cookie exchange social evening. Flo came along with me to help with Zofia, but ended up playing with Sheila’s daughter, Rowan, most of the evening. Nonetheless, Zofia was quite good and I enjoyed chatting with fellow homeschooling moms and having a “girls night out.” We brought along some gluten-free vegan cookies to exchange, but opted not to bring any home, as the discernment of what is vegan and allergy-free is generally just too daunting of a task… and besides, who needs the temptation of dozens of cookies sitting on the counter!

So, all in all, a great month, filled with lots of fun activities and opportunities for learning. Now we’re into the holiday season!

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