Climbing Out

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Today was a milestone for Zofia and the onset of a new challenge for me. She climbed out of her crib and promptly landed head first in a basket of laundry. We don’t use the crib much for sleeping, as she’s usually cuddled up beside us in bed, but it’s been a useful tool while I’m taking a shower, or need to ensure her safety while I get something done. Well, those days are over! Zofia is seventeen months old today, and I guess there’s no containing her now!

The New Year is starting off well. We’ve already launched into an array of activities, including music lessons, hockey, book club, Earth Scouts, and various social activities. Last weekend we hosted a vegan potluck at our house through and had quite a good turnout. And on Friday, I hosted a Mom’s Night Out here, and got a chance to spend a relaxing evening with friends. So, all in all, besides being a little busy, and the usual challenges of time management and sleep deprivation, all is going well, and we’re looking forward to the promise of a new year!

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