End of Spring Update

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I think the time lapse since my last entry illustrates clearly, the lack of time I have to devote to writing and computer related ventures these days. Apparently, the parenting of three children takes up a considerable amount of one’s personal time. Who knew? So, since late April, we’ve been busy with the kid’s activities.

Joe generally plays hockey a few times per week, and Darren quite enjoys going to the rink, and occasionally gets a chance to skate around, too. Joe also took a soccer class for six weeks, which just ended last week. He’s quite the sporty guy these days. His energy always astounds me. He had his annual cardiac check-up today. Everything looks great. That’s always a relief.

Zofia has transitioned smoothly into the toddler phase of her life, and is keeping us on our toes at all times. She loves her older brother and sister, and is always curious about what they are doing. We see her modeling their behavior already, and are always pointing out to Flo and Joe the important role they have in her life. This doesn’t always sink in, especially when their fighting over who sits next to Zofia in the car.

Flo is growing up fast. I can’t believe she’s going to be ten this August. She loves to read, and spends so much time doing so, I often have to work hard at getting her to do anything else. She is taking ice skating lessons again, and enjoying a class that is working towards a small group performance. She had her piano recital last week, which we enjoyed attending. She’s finishing up her last guitar and piano lessons next week, and will take a break for the summer.

Speaking of Summer, we’re looking forward to our trip to Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnston, PA in July. Darren’s niece, Samantha, is coming down to join us for that. I haven’t been anywhere since before Zofia was born, so I’m definitely looking forward to a change of scenery.

The other summer event that draws a lot of attention around these parts, is the “Mile Long Yard Sale” held in our neighborhood and the ones surrounding it, all day on the fourth of July. We’re spending the next few weekends TRYING to organize our stuff, to make a valiant effort at decluttering this year.

Other than that, it’s business as usual. Darren’s still enjoying the relaxed pace of working at home, with only one weekly trip to DC to drop off his cases, and pick up more. We really are appreciative of the opportunity to have him around so much, especially while the kids are young.

We hope everyone is enjoying the emergence of the warmer weather, and has a healthy and happy summer!

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