Fall 2009

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I did it again! I got totally distracted by life and forgot to update our blog. Oh well. Here were are, well into the Fall season. We’ve got just over a week to go until Halloween. Darren’s parents are heading down from Canada at the end of the month to share in the festivities with us. The kids are excited to have them visit.

Flo spent at least most of the month of September debating the possibilities for her costume this year. After much indecision, she decided to use her own money to buy a costume from the costume store. She’s going to be a devil. And, considering some of the pre-teen hormonal moments we’ve been exposed to in the past few months, I’m thinking she chose wisely. Despite occasional emotional outbursts, Flo is doing great. She’s ten now, and into reading, music, ice skating, drawing, hanging out with her friends, and just being an all-around normal kid. This year she’s doing a math curriculum called Teaching Textbooks, which she really likes. She’s also doing the Rosetta Stone French program. She takes piano and guitar lessons, and does various group activities like Earth Scouts, ice skating, a creative writing club, which we host at home, and an art class.

Joe will be seven in December. He’s quite the little hockey player these days. In fact, last week, he competed in a shoot out at the Verizon Center in DC, during the intermission of an NHL game. He represented team Maryland, and his team won. He and Darren had a great time. He’s playing on our local travel team, so he and Darren have been doing most of the traveling, and I try to some of the home games and an occasional away game if it’s at a reasonable hour. He’s doing great with homeschooling, too. His reading is coming along great.

Zofia is two now, and quite the handful. She enjoys tagging along to all her siblings activities, which keep us pretty busy. She’s talking up a storm now, and loves playing with Flo and Joe. She also loves our dog, Bruno, who she affectionately calls “MoMo.”

Darren and I have been doing a 100 day raw food challenge since the end of August, which extends into mid November. We’ve seen some health improvements, and are really enjoying the challenge of coming up with new raw recipes and just tweaking our way of thinking about food. Once the 100 days are up, I suspect we’ll continue much as we have been, with slight modifications to accommodate our lifestyle with the kids and Joe’s allergies. But, it’s been sort of a creative journey, and an introspective one at that.

So, it’s starting off to be an interesting season, and despite the pending colder weather, we’re looking forward to upcoming holidays and adventures ahead.

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