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Family Circle ~ Father’s Day 2013

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…a time came when mankind aspired not to co-creation but to analysing God's creation… when human thought faltered, aspiring not to creation but to the accumulation of knowledge… " – Ringing of the Cedars, Book 4: Co-Creation, by Vladimire Megre. Today, we honored Fatherhood, and the important relationship of a father in the creation of a family. I pointed out… Read more »

Family Circle ~ April 2013 (Earth Day)

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Since it's been a busy month, and we hadn't had time to have a family circle, we decided Earth Day was the perfect day to prioritize making time to be together. Monday's are usually "Media Free Day" in our house, so we figured it was as good of time as any to get the kids' attention! And, Earth Day is… Read more »

Family Circle ~ March 2013

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Today we celebrated the beginning of Spring, though it still feels like Winter outside. We wrote the things we're looking forward to about Spring in our family journal, talked some more about meditation and watched a short video on the topic, and closed out the circle with a prayer. Love these moments together! ~~~ Springtime Prayer O Dancer of Creation,… Read more »

Family Circle ~ February 2013

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It was late on this mid-February evening, but we missed our January Family Circle, and finally had a night where everyone was home, so the kids set up our table. We spent a little time chatting, watching a short video on "meaning" from the the Spirit Science YouTube channel and writing things we "love" in our family journal. It was… Read more »

Chef Zo

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Zofia is always busy rearranging the house. Today she decided to set up a kitchen on the ottoman. She's been making little "kitchens" and "fruit stands" all over the house this week. I keep finding apples, lemons, oranges and bananas in different rooms. She's definitely a child of the digital age, because every time she assembles one of her creative… Read more »

Healthy Heart

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Joe had his annual heart check-up today.  They do an echocardiogram and just check things over. When he's a little older, they'll do a stress test.  But, he's in great shape.  Even though we knew that, it's always reassuring to get a good report.  It reminds me of those scary days when he was an infant and we didn't know… Read more »

What Color is Your Leisure Suit?

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Since we were already out for her piano lesson, afterwards, Flo and I sought out a quiet place for her to study her Spanish vocabulary a bit, before her tutoring session tomorrow. We ended up at Martin's grocery store cafe. Flo got caught up on things, and we had a good laugh about some of the words… like "leisure suit."… Read more »