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Summer ReCap

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Oops! Another whole season has drifted into the realm of memories now, and I've obviously neglected updating our family weblog here. The Summer is winding down, and we're already starting to schedule activities for the upcoming year and organizing ourselves for another adventurous year of homeschooling! We finished off the Spring season, celebrating our 18th anniversary at the end of… Read more »

Spring is Here!

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My last entry here had us heading into the holiday season. You'll be happy to know we survived the onslaught of commercialism, tempered by community activities and general holiday cheer. Then began the New Year. 2011! We started off on the fiscally ambitious note of getting our taxes compiled and ready to send in as soon as possible. Darren is… Read more »

Happy Holiday Season 2010

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Here in the United States, Thanksgiving has already come and gone. We bid it farewell on Thursday, after a quiet day at home and a simple meal together. We were just thankful to have a day off! But, I guess that means we've officially launched into the 2010 holiday season. Brace yourselves! Well, unless you're one of those people that… Read more »

Summer is Winding Down

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Well, the summer season is drawing to an end. We've had an eventful few months, though. The kids have gotten in lots of fun in the sun, and plenty of swimming. We started off July with our mini-vacation to Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA. It was five days of fun and community and the kids had a great time. Zofia… Read more »

Seven Years with Joe

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Seven years ago today, Joe was born in the tiny bathroom of our home in Connecticut. He had a rough start in his first year with some major health issues, but he rebounded beautifully and continues to thrive. We are so happy to have him in our lives and look forward to watching and participating as his life unfolds. Joe… Read more »

Desperately Seeking Health and Vitality

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Almost two months have passed since my last entry, and Florence keeps sending me emails, reminding me to update our website, so I figured I’d finally oblige. I’ve been sick for over a week now. I think I’m starting to emerge from it, but it really knocked me out. It started out as a sort of flu, then progressed into… Read more »

October 2008 Homeschool Adventures

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October went by in an over-scheduled blur. In fact, it is now November, and I’m reflecting back on October, wondering where the time went. Academically, we’re pretty much on the same path as usual. Flo does lots of independent reading, and we also read together a lot. Flo is one of those people that likes to have three or four… Read more »


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The transition from Summer to Fall just seemed to happen overnight. We’re just days away from Halloween already! October has been another eventful month with lots of activities. The kids are enjoying the new “school year” with music lessons, homeschool co-op, yoga, hockey, photography class, art, journaling club, birthday parties, and an array of other social activities. Florence and Joseph… Read more »