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2010 Here We Come!

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The kids fell asleep in the last hour of 2009, so we enjoyed the quiet to watch a movie in bed while welcoming the New Year. It was a peaceful transition to the 2010, and I hope that trend continues throughout the year. Today we were all feeling kind of stuffy and sniffly, so we lounged around most of the… Read more »

Climbing Out

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Today was a milestone for Zofia and the onset of a new challenge for me. She climbed out of her crib and promptly landed head first in a basket of laundry. We don’t use the crib much for sleeping, as she’s usually cuddled up beside us in bed, but it’s been a useful tool while I’m taking a shower, or… Read more »

Memorial Day

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Maxon Dixon Line Today is Memorial Day, and along with paying homage to all those that gave their lives in service to our country, we’re enjoying a little R&R. My mom came down quite early this morning to pick up Flo and Joe to take them to a Memorial Day Parade in Chambersburg. So, Darren, Zofia and I will enjoy… Read more »

Fifteen Years

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Travelling in Style Today Darren and I celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary… or actually, elopement anniversary. Yes, fifteen years ago, we crossed the border from Canada into Maine filled with youthful enthusiasm (and naivety) about starting a new life together. After securing a marriage license a day later than anticipated, due to a state holiday, we were married by Etta,… Read more »

Home At Last

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Jeesh! January blew by, didn’t it? It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Yesterday, Darren went to DC to pick up his new computer to work at home. Today we went down to Martinsburg to the VA hospital, where’s he’s been outsourced for the past seven months. We went to pick up all his stuff, and ended up having to… Read more »

Happy New Year 2008!

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Since 2008 is the year of the rat, according to the Chinese calendar, Flo hastily drew a rat for me. Maybe we should call him Rapido the Rat. (Rapido means “quick” in Spanish) Oh, and my name (Tara) spelled backwards, spells A RAT. So, this must be a sign of a good year to come. As long as we don’t… Read more »

Outing Myself

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Outing Myself Originally uploaded by PetiteFamily93 I guess the fact that I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in a week is starting to catch up with me. I looked at my kitchen today and just walked away. I opted to play games with the kids, and refrain from nagging at them to clean up their stuff all day. The… Read more »