The Symbology of the Cones

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The Symbology of the Cones


The front left cone represent focus; being fully in the present moment.

The front right cone represents opportunity, whether it be overlooked or seized readily.

The two side middle cones symbolize unseen Universal guidance, gently nudging us back on course when we lose our way.

The rear two cones, though lower in stature and seemingly less powerful, denote strength and contain the energy of a journey nearly complete.

And, finally, the rear center orange cone symbolizes the edge of our understanding; the possibilities yet unexplored.

Together, this cone formation represents the gift of flexibility life offers us to maneuver along our own path, providing endless navigational guideposts to help us along our way. They are there, whether we choose to acknowledge them, or just run them over.

OR… they are just seven plastic traffic cones at the community college, positioned to help fledgling drivers hone their parking skills.

But, having spent much time with one seeking to master the Path of the Cones and decipher their guidance, the symbology gives deeper meaning to the experience.


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Songwriter Showcase


I took Flo & Hannah out to the New Earth Granary in Berkeley Springs tonight, so they could play a couple songs for the event, accompanied by their bandmate, Tyler, from Evolution Rock School. Turns out the event had a great turnout, but the kids got put at the very end, so we were there until almost 1am! But, they did a great job, and despite being exhausted, I enjoyed the evening, and am thankful for the support crew and fan club that stuck it out all evening, too!.

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Snip Snip


Zofia has a perpetual “rats nest” and hates having her hair brushed. Awhile ago, I mentioned that if she cut it short, it would be a lot easier to brush out, but she would have none of that. Then, in the past couple weeks, she’s started telling me that, maybe, she’d like to cut off “a little”… to her shoulders. So, despite seeming somewhat distrustful that I would cut off too much, she decided she wanted to liberate herself from the tangles (a little) and we chopped off about five inches. Thankfully, she is happy with the results. 🙂

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Peace, Paychecks & Gratitude


When I met Darren, in high school in Canada in 1988, he had aspirations to join the military, like his big brother, Darrell. He served a few years in the Canadian reserves before we got married, and then joined the U.S. Army for another 6 years. Thankfully his “time in” only provided us a paycheck, overseas travel, and educational opportunities, rather than the turmoil and pain I know many military families endure. After having our first child, Darren decided to take the leap back to civilian life. Some luck and good timing landed him a position with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. He has worked there ever since, serving veterans, reshaping his own understanding of military service, and, being grateful for the peace and security it has afforded him, while honoring the sacrifices made by those who weren’t so fortunate.